Architectural stone veneer can be used to greatly enhance the look and feel of a project. We utilize vendors that are dedicated to offering an extensive product line with unique textures and colors that can be used to enhance any architectural style on both residential and commercial buildings.



Architectural foam enhances the aesthetic appeal as well as increase the value of commercial or residential buildings and projects. Utilizing only the best supplier of foam shapes in the industry is an essential component to an impeccable quality project.

Product offerings include -

  • columns, capitals, bases, arches, moldings, window sills, brackets, wall caps, pediments, louvers and balusters. 

As a full scale sub-contracting construction company, Andrew Pratt Stucco Plastering, Inc. is well suited for projects of any size. We perform a variety of finishes such as traditional texture, knock-down texture, blister texture and sand float texture to interior and exterior walls of both residential and commercial projects. In construction, details make all the difference.

Stucco products we utilize includes but not limited to are -

  • Titan, Cemex, Portland and Amstar 

EIFS is a multi-layered exterior finish that originated in Europe shortly after World War II. Many North American builders began using EIFS in the 1980's predominently on commercial buildings and gradually applying it to residences. At Andrew Pratt Stucco Plastering, Inc., we are certified installers of EIFS products and can handle everything from the skilled labor and regulatory compliance to materials delivery and site cleanup.

EIFS products we currently utilize are -

  • Dryvit, PAREX, Merlex, and STO


Curb appeal matters! It affects how one sees their home and it definitely matters when it comes to resale.  At Andrew Pratt Stucco Plastering, Inc., we want to be able to offer additional services to streamline the process and free up time for our homeowners and general contractors. Thus, we handle everything from the skilled labor and regulatory compliance to materials delivery and site cleanup.